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L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond

The inorganic compound called trioxygen, more commonly known as Ozone or O3, is a blue coloured, pungent odorous gas which is a relatively unstable allotrope of oxygen. It is naturally present as a protective layer in the atmosphere surrounding earth that absorbs and inhibits the harmful radiation from the sun from entering the earth’s environment.
This gas can be extracted from air, artificially produced by chemical means or synthesized in a laboratory. Ozone not only eliminates the damaging danger of exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun but is also vital in sustaining life on the planet and has found other commercial, industrial, agricultural, medicinal and therapeutic usages across the continents.
It is used in disinfectants, sanitizers, pesticides, fabric care products, bottled water, halogens, air purifiers, healthcare products, ozone therapy, salon and spa treatments etc.

OSmartbond is the professional trusted and proven treatment to achieve softer, shinier, healthier hair no matter how extreme of a color or lightening transformation. The end result is an enhanced technical in-salon service for the client that is continued at home with the at-home treatment. “With Smartbond hair no longer has to be compromised during any color or lightening services we do at the salon,” says Petros, “Smartbond provides my clients the best hair they can achieve with any color services I give them.”